Hidden Spy Cameras – How Popular They Have Become

Surveillance EquipmentIt used to be, that hidden cameras where only for governments, or police operations or spies! Nowadays, that’s all changed because this kind of technology is available to everyone. And more than that, people are buying them not just because they’re nifty gadgets – but because they feel they need them to protect their assets and/or the people they care about.

Hidden cameras, or spy cameras, are not a new invention. They’ve been around since the late 1800’s. (In 1885 the first hidden camera with a lens disguised as a button was introduced!) Even so, this kind of device has not been widely popular as a consumer device until the last few years.

The recent increase in popularity may be for a number of reasons, including the fact that technology now allows quality pictures or recordings even with the smallest devices (easy to hide or disguise) and that people generally feel a bit more vulnerable when it comes to protecting property or their loved ones and are therefore looking for this kind of security.

Unlimited Applications

In our modern, digital world, hidden cameras can be built into any object you can think of. Cameras designed to be hidden, or concealed on a person include pen cameras, button cameras, eyeglass cameras and even belt buckle cameras (although that is so 70”s – no one uses them anymore!). For static surveillance of a room or area, the most popular is a clock camera but depending on what you’re using it for you might consider a unit hidden in a smoke detector, an electrical plug, a coat hook, or a piece of office equipment. If it’s a nanny cam many people like them hidden in children’s toys or if it is for elder care, the hidden camera clock is most popular.

Spy Cameras For Good and Bad

While there are really good reasons for buying a nanny cam or a covert camera, unfortunately they are also used illegally and this has become an enormous challenge in today’s world. All jurisdictions have privacy laws that make it illegal to covertly record people where there is a “reasonable expectation of privacy”.  Of course, that doesn’t stop people from recording others without their permission – sometimes specifically in areas where there should be a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Many people also don’t understand that even if you are using a spy camera in your own home, in all States and Provinces it is still illegal to record anyone without their consent in a place where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy – a bathroom or a bedroom for instance (if it isn’t their own bedroom this restriction would only apply if someone was invited in for intimate activity).

Nanny Cams Becoming More and More Popular

In any event, the technology is here to stay and more and more people are purchasing hidden cameras – not just for the wrong reasons, but also for the right reasons: in order to keep an eye on property when they aren’t there or to verify that loved ones are being treated properly by hired care givers or babysitters.

While evidence recorded by these devices is inadmissible if using them breaks the law (for instance without at least one party consent for recording audio), if they are used properly, hidden cameras can and have been successfully used in legal proceedings.  Used properly, it is an excellent security tool.

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